Jack Ashwood

Jack Ashwood

Head Coach

Snatch - 83KG

C&J- 105KG

30 Muscle Ups - 3.19

Cindy - 26 Rounds

Helen - 8.11


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer

British Weightlifiting Level 2

About Coach

CrossFit started as a hobby for me, I loved the self improvement and competitive pursuit of new PB's. As well as this I've always been a bit a bit of a nerd! Before becoming a Coach I was in analysis, working with numbers, looking at data, researching and coming up with new ideas. You can definitely see this in the way that I approach things today. I always start with idea, a framework and a goal in mind. There's always a bigger plan behind the choices I make and you can see it on my face when the cogs are turning!

Turning Point

Growing up all I ever wanted to do was ride my bike! I still do, getting outside, enjoying the sun and playing new sports is still my happy place. My fitness journey started because of injuries, I had a serious fall on my bike when I was younger and needed ACL reconstruction surgery on my knee. Throughout my physiotherapy and rehab I started to see the importance of exercise and fitness, which eventually led me to CrossFit as a way to work on functional fitness and this allows me to pursue those things that I enjoy so much. For me fitness has always been a bit of a rebellion to fear! People are too quick to say maybe you shouldn't do that any more, or be more careful or pursue other interests. I would rather become more resillient! Put in the hard work to enjoy what I enjoy for as long as I can.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching for me is all about having fun. Playing around, meeting friends and enjoying the process. Its never too late to try new things and people should always keep that child like drive to have a go and learn by doing. I love being in an environment where people can pursue their goals, embrace the failures, celebrate the wins and have the encouragement of those around them along the way.

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